• Image of 39th And The Nortons /// On Trial (cassette)
  • Image of 39th And The Nortons /// On Trial (cassette)
Limited Edition Cassette

Pea Green cassette limited to 100. All come in hand stitched fabric sleeves

Listen here: http://evilhoodoo.bandcamp.com/album/on-trial

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39th - Nick Wheeldon

The Nortons -

Andrew Anderson - Drums/Fuzz/Piano/Backing Vox on 'I Won't Hurt You'
Olly Baxter - Drums on 'I Can't Do It' & 'Without Regret'
Luke Ade-Rennard - Organ on 'I Can't Do It'
Coline Loison - Backing Vox on 'I Can't Do It' & 'One Mistake'
Gemma Gray - Backing Vox on 'I Can't Do It' & 'Dead Flowers'
Laura Burn-Acaster - Backing Vox on 'I Can't Do It', 'Disconnected', 'One Mistake' & 'Dead Flowers'
Guy Whittaker - Drums on 'Don't Look Back', 'Disconnected' & 'On The Run'
Sarah Henderson - Violin & Cello on 'Without Regret' & 'Dead Flowers'
released 12 November 2012
Produced By Nick Wheeldon.
Mastered By Matthew Johnson at Suburban Home Studio, Leeds.
Recorded at Portland Works, Sheffield, 2012.
Released by Evil Hoodo Records 2012.

All Songs (c) Nick Wheeldon/39th & The Nortons

Thanks to Thom Bettney, MJ and to everyone who played on the record

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