• Image of For Nepal Charity Record
  • Image of For Nepal Charity Record
  • Image of For Nepal Charity Record

The bands involved are (in track list order):
Hey Colossus
The Myrrors
Winter Drones
Sex Swing
Dead Sea Apes
Jason Simon (Dead Meadow)
Happy Meals
Dechemia (John Gibbons from Bardo Pond)
Carlton Melton


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On 25th April 2015, Nepal experienced an earthquake so bad and so devastating that over 8000 people lost their lives and left thousands of people's homes and businesses completely destroyed. I visited Kathmandu, the city that was the epicentre for the 7.8 magnitude earthquake back in September 2013 to work with the Women's for Human Rights organisation that works with widows who are outcast from society for it is believed they did something in a previous life that has resulted in the death of their husband in this life. During my visit, I was welcomed by the people of Kathmandu as if I was one of their family. I met some of the kindest, most caring, generous people I have ever and will ever encounter. People that have nothing welcomed me into their tarpaulin tents and offered me food and endless amounts of chai tea. I have never been so touched and moved by the lack of greed people with nothing have. That feeling will forever be with me and I hope it changed me as a person for the better. So when I heard the news of the earthquake I was devastated. There was nothing I could do. What I did want to do was try and raise money to help with the aftermath, the clean up and the rebuilding of people's lives, homes and businesses. It's taken a year to put together but I can finally officially announce the pre sale for the charity record which is made up of 14 of my favourite bands that have all incredibly donated a brand new or rare track for this compilation. When I first started sending emails around to bands after I first had this idea, I thought I might be able to scrape together enough material to make a short EP or something. I've been absolutely blown away by the response I've had and the end product is a double vinyl, 88 minute monster with 14 incredible bands. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share this and let as many people know about it as you can. If this was a normal release from Evil Hoodoo I'd not ask, nor would I expect anyone to share it but as every penny of the profits are for charity, I'm hoping that as many people hear about this release as possible and it sells out asap and the money can be used whilst the need is still at an all time high. The clear up process has only just begun, there's years worth of work and every penny they can get is needed.
Sorry that's been a long statement but I hope you understand.
With Love
Thom x