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ALL USA ORDERS PLEASE GO TO THE BAND DIRECT OVER AT: http://ghostboxorchestra.bandcamp.com/


Cassette comes with download code. We only have 30 copies (the band also have some copies) of this so it's super limited

Evil Hoodoo are proud to present our latest release to you. Boston's very own Ghost Box Orchestra. Psychedelic western soundtracks infused with desert rock and surf reverb, Ghost Box Orchestra is a mainly instrumental band, however, for this latest release, they have added a new layer of echoy spaced out vocals adding to the overall power of the album. Honed over a year of solid touring and playing live, these eight new tracks have been perfected and finally put down onto wax for your listening pleasure. Their songs speak in subtle whispers and fuzz-freaked panoramas full of stomping rhythms and hazy shoegazey guitar slabs. So sit down and take the ride with Ghost Box Orchestra into the High Plaine.