• Image of The Cosmic Dead /// Girl Sweat (Cassette)
  • Image of The Cosmic Dead /// Girl Sweat (Cassette)


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Evil Hoodoo is proud to announce the release of the official tour cassette for Glasgow's heavy space psych purveyors, The Cosmic Dead and Leed's lo-fi drug trip one piece, Girl Sweat.
Since their conception in 2010, The Cosmic Dead have been blasting the eyes, ears and minds of audiences all over the globe both on record and live, creating a strong and loyal following, with many releases already under their belt selling out and demanding represses. Renowned for their heavy sonic attack, we see TCD turning off the afterburners on this release and allowing themselves to drift on the very edges of the universe with a more spaced out exploration with drummer Julian at the forefront steering the ship. With eerie swirling synths and far out distant guitar screech and bass rumble creating the real sense of an at ease float into the dark abyss ahead. A true example of a band fully switched on to the same wave length. 22 minutes of spaced out cosmic psych.
On side B we have Leed's leading one man audio/visual assault, Girl Sweat. A lo-fi garage drug trip fronted by the 6ft5 'Sweat', with a Casio keyboard , drum loops and lap steel by his side, we're treated to 3 nightmare induced garage nuggets. They're big, they're heavy, they're noisey, they're beautiful. You'll want more when it's over. Join Sweat as he takes you full circle to the end of the tape and to the beginning of the whole journey once again.

Out now on limited edition 'Satan's Soul' Black Cassette.

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